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Remington 22 LR Golden Bucket O Bullets 36 grain HP

Product Code : 047700415208


The Remington® Bucket O' Bullets is a bulk package of Remington's recently-improved .22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammo. This bucket contains 1400 rounds of Remington Golden Bullet 36-grain hollow point .22 ammo, which is an ideal choice for small game hunting, firearms training, or simple plinking. This ammo is loaded with plated bullets and clean-burning powder and is well-suited to semi-automatic applications.

  • Hollow Point Construction
  • Plated Bullets
  • Clean-Burning Powder


    Remington's "bucket o' bullets" is the answer to the avid rimfire plinker or target shooter's needs. 1400 rounds will keep the whole family shooting for a while. The 36 grain plated hollow point bullet delivers a muzzle velocity of 1280 feet per second, classing it as a "high velocity” round. These rounds use a "new and improved” design to reduce failures to feed and eject and improve consistency and quality.

    Remington has produced firearms and ammunition for nearly the entire history of the United States. In addition to its world-famous line of shotguns and rifles, the company produces a variety of ammo products ranging from self-defense rounds such as HTP and Golden Sabers to FMJ range ammunition and rimfire plinking rounds.

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Novamunitions can fill special orders. Whether its very LARGE orders or just an extremely hard to find round. Simply email us at . Send a picture of exactly what you want including the quantity and mfg part number. We will locate it through one of our wide arrays of sources. We then will send you a quote. We normally can find it FAST..., thanks again for your business.